(Years 3-6)

If your child is in Year 3-6 then ‘KS2’ is the place for them each Sunday morning.– With a healthy mix of games, drama, discussions and other activities, there’s never a dull moment. There’s always a chance to share what’s going on in life and take the opportunity to thank God for the good things as well as asking for help with our worries.
 Each week focuses on a different Bible story with plenty of craft activities including collages, card making, puzzles and even baking cakes! Lynne Walton is one of our Turtles leaders. She says, “It’s a great privilege to work with the youngsters of this age group and we have a lot of fun! As the weeks go by its great to really get to know the children
After gathering in church, KS2 meet in St. George’s Hall over the road from the main Church Centre. We meet in the foyer and head over as one group with the leaders. We then come back as a group to re-join parents at the end of our time together.  
Dan Basford heads up KS2. As he puts it, “We have lots of fun with the gang, and my prayer is that the kids will look back on their time here and remember it as a time enjoyed and a place where they grew in faith”