Disciple-making Culture 


So how do we put this into practice?

A truly balanced life: "UP, IN, OUT"

Jesus said "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." 

How do we hold to Jesus' teaching, and discover true freedom? - by learning to live well in relationship to God, as we love Him; learning to live well in relationship as we love one another, and learning to live well in generosity and service to the world around us.


You'll find we use a number of simple shapes to help us remember some important biblical principles for living as disciples of Jesus. (We've learnt these Lifeshapes from Mike Breen and the team at 3dm that has grown out of St Thomas' church in Sheffield)

The one we find we use most is the triangle - to help us live that balanced life. We've added a pair of practices for each of its points. We find it works on an individual level, and as we follow Jesus together.


To nurture our relationship with God, we need to have a practice of hearing from God through His Word, the Bible, and we need to respond in worship and prayer.


We all need to make real, honest, supportive relationships with other Christians, and where few know us really well so that we can be real with each other. Having a community to which we belong is vital as is finding a way in which our particular gifts and skills can contribute to the service of the family of the church.


Good news is to be shared! So in the same way rhat we have experienced God's generosity we look to live lives marked by generosity un every way - with our time, our talents and with our resources. At the same time, just like Jesus did, and like He sent His first disciples out to do, we are looking for People of Peace - those people whose hearts are already warm towards God, and who will welcome the message of Jesus. We hope we are then prepared to share what we know of His love and forgiveness, and be able to invite them to know Him for themselves.