ChurchSuite has arrived! 

Where we are up to...

Over the last couple of months, we have been testing and transitioning to a new church database system called ChurchSuite. You may have noticed this change with the way some of our recent emails have been styled and delivered to you.

We are now ready to launch the final stage of the project, which means enabling all of you to update and access your data through the new portal - My ChurchSuite 

What does this mean for me and how I use the website?

You may have noticed the login button on the top of our webpage has disappeared. A new login option is displayed in the centre of the webpage. Please do not attempt to login with your old details, as you will need to wait for an invite to be emailed to you, enabling you to login and "join" the new database.  Once you have received your invitation email, follow the steps in the email to create a new login, and you will be able to update your details along with your preferred communication options on the new system.

Will I need to enter all my details again?

Rest assured all up to date information stored in the old system has been transferred over, so thankfully there is no need to re-enter anything. Also, all of you communication preferences have been transferred over so you should only receive the content you want to, along with the privacy measures you have requested. We hope this change has been seamless but if you do notice anything incorrect, and you are not sure of how to change it, do let Marco, or the office team know. 

The invitation procedure will also enable you to reconfirm your communication and privacy preferences as required by GDPR.

Why the change?

There are many positive factors that influenced our decision to change, but ultimately, we wanted to make sure the St Georges team have a system in place facilitated effective communication and administration for many years to come, whilst still enabling all the feature we all use currently, and some new ones! We are very confident you will find the new methods of accessing your information to be much more user friendly and easier to understand.

Will the website change?

The current website and address ( will not change with this update, and you will be able to access your details through our website as usual using the new login function

What is the link to login? 

or click the image below:-

If you are not already a member:-

Register with Us

Further reading if you want to find out more:-

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