Culture of Invitation - Alpha


Here at St George's we don't want inviting people to be a habit or even a chore, we want it to be a CULTURE! So let's get cultural.

Our three tips for helping individuals to foster a Culture of Invitation:
Know your 'Why, Embrace the 'No's' & Keep the 'burden' light. 


Know your 'Why';
If you want people to be excited when you tell them about Alpha, they need to see your real and honest excitement. Grapple with the questions  Go onto the Alpha website, read some testimonies and get excited for what God may do through you! 


Embrace the 'No's';
So you've asked some friends and they've said No to coming... WELL DONE! Yes the outcome is important and I'm sure we would all love to have a yes every time we invited someone to Alpha but asking and receiving a No is so much better than not asking. Who knows, they may have a conversation with someone else and mention Alpha or it may open up conversations in the future with them! Don't be fearful of receiving No's, God will work the invitation for good however they respond. 

Keep the 'Burden' Light
Receiving an invite to Alpha can seem daunting and accepting an invite can feel like a burden. As people who are inviting others to Alpha it can be easy to forget that people will be sacrificing a lot of time and delving into unknown territory. Help people to feel like the burden is light by inviting them small steps at a time. See if they want to come to just to the Intro supper here at St George's and support them in whether they wish to carry on the Alpha course or not. 


A personal invitation can be a powerful thing! Give these tips a go and make invitation part of the culture of St George's.